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These notebooks will help you process your feelings and turn to the true source of help—God. After completing the questions in the book De-Stressing Your Life, answer these questions dealing with your specific needs. Questions are designed to promote rich discussions with others going through similar circumstances.

Health Issues

If you are trying to cope with a serious illness, you are undoubtedly dealing with stress—probably more than you have ever experienced. The book De-Stressing Your Life is about God's way of handling stress. The illness may or may not go away, but by seeking God's presence even during impossible times, you will see his amazing love. God is always there for you if you look to him.

The questions focus on your specific stress point—health. Meeting with others who share the same concerns is a healthy way to approach your illness. As people are in different stages of the illness, they can share what worked or didn't work for them. Discussions such as these can lead to practical applications.


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